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Autumn suit tips

Posted on October 04 2018

Whilst autumn signals the end of the summer, it might bring a tinge of sadness to many. But look on the bright side, it presents an opportunity to hit the shops and replenish your wardrobe with a new suit.

The trouble arises with the season’s varying weather conditions; one day can be quite temperate while the next can be bitterly cold. So how do you put together a suit appropriate for the season? Rely too much on your summer garments and you’ll end up cold, reach for the thermals too early and you’ll end up sweating your way to winter.

To help you, we’ve put together our top tips to dress for the season.

1. Consider your fabrics

The first thing to consider is the thickness of the material your clothes are made from. General wisdom will say that 10oz should be enough but if you can find 12oz then you’ll find it drapes much better.

The temptation is to go for darker colours when the nights begin to draw in but you can still inject some fun and interest into your suits by using patterns such as windowpane or houndstooth. These are generally best in flannel fabrics so go for something like a tartan flannel suit.

2. Align your colours


Align your colours to the season. When you think of autumn brown, orange, gold, yellow and others all come to mind. Therefore the colours you wear should follow that same trend. However, there’s nothing to say these colours need to be used as a single block. You can mix and match complimentary colours to create a bit of variety and show onlookers you know your way around an outfit. You can still inject some vivid bright coloursbut keep them to minimum, accent pieces such as a tie, pocket-square or even your socks.

3. What to wear on top

Once you’ve got your suit sorted you’ll need to know what to put with it when you’re outside. Quilted jackets and trench coats are ideal for wearing over a suit as they go with most items of clothing, help give your body a great shape and keep you protected from the elements. You can pair this with a silk scarf to add a touch of class and to help accessorise the suit – it will also help keep your neck protected from swirling winds.

4. Go for a bouttoniere


A bouttoniere is a small fake flower that goes through the buttonhole on a suit and can be a real statement piece when done correctly. There are very few men wear one of these, which means when they are worn they are highly noticeable. The key is to wear a bright colour that compliments the rest of the suit and don’t use a flower that is too big and overpowering.

5. Gloves


They’re not a commonly considered accessory but going for some unlined gloves will keep your hands warm and really elevate an outfit. Go for a colour that contrasts with your overcoat.


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