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Hottest Trends of Autumn Winter ‘19

Posted on November 26 2019

The seasons change without fail each year and as they do it presents an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends to keep yourself looking chic and fashionable on the high street.


The big question, though, is what ARE those trends?


It’s one thing to look fashionable but it’s another to be ahead of the curve. Reactive is OK but setting the trends is where you really want to be. So what are set to be the big trends for Autumn Winter 2019 (AW19)?


Here are our tips to help you stay one step ahead and looking effortlessly cool.




Leather will always be a staple of the AW catwalk but this year it’s coming back in style. Its rugged and timeless good looks make it an essential part of your wardrobe. This season, there’s a particular emphasis on bomber and shearling jackets.


But why stop there? Leather is big this season so double down and accessorise with it too. Leather belts are practical and offer a stylish way to break up an outfit. And as we move in to the more wintery weather, you’ll need something to protect the extremities. Leather gloves are the perfect mix of style and substance.


If leather isn’t your thing then you could opt for something like a cotton bomber.


Earth Tones


Climate change and longevity of the planet might have the earth at the forefront of many people’s minds right now, but the earth should be a top consideration when it comes to your outfit too.


Earth tones are in. Think brown, khaki, stone and greens. Layering will be key to keeping yourself warm, whilst still looking the part.


Wear a t-shirt under your shirt and allow it to be visible. Wear a coat on top to keep the winter chill at bay. The beauty of this method means you’re able to dress down when you’re indoors and layer up to stay warm when outdoors.


Out Wear


It might not be appropriate for the more formal events but a more rugged look is forcing its way onto the highstreet. Think about hiking boots, macs and the typical apparel you might go hiking in but with a more fashionable slant on it.


A smart pair of trainers will offer you comfort for everyday but still look smart. Go for something that isn’t white - this will hide any dirty marks and help smarten up your look.


A raincoat should be in every wardrobe as it’s such a versatile item. Not overly bulky: it’s perfect for traveling, warmer weather, wet weather, smart events or just on the high street. It also works well with layering.




Checks are still in. At least on shirts anyway. In a season of earth tones this can be a way to bring some colour and inject a bit of personality into your wardrobe.


Go for something bright that is going to make a statement and help you stand out from the crowd.


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