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How to Choose the Neckwear to go with your Suit

Posted on June 04 2019

Buying a suit is always an occasion. Whether you’re investing in one for work, a formal function or something else, it is probably one of the most expensive items of apparel you’ll own.


And, there’s something special about going to pick out a suit and find your perfect match!


When it comes to buying a suit, you will have considered the colour, cut, material and everything else you need to. But, one key ingredient often gets overlooked.


Strictly speaking, it’s not a part of the suit but remains a key part of the look: the neckwear.


This can come in many forms, complete with accessories, which can be a minefield to navigate. But, if you get it right, it can help verify your fashion credentials and set you out as a sharp dresser.


Here are our top tips to make sure you get it spot on.




Probably the most popular choice and they have evolved considerably since their inception.


Starting life as a functional garment, used to keep a shirt together before the addition of buttons, the tie has become a must for formal situations.


The type of function you’re attending will dictate the style of tie you should wear but there is some commonality that can be applied. A skinny tie gives a younger, fresher appeal and is a modern, more continental design. It’s perfect for wearing with a skinny suit and can be worn every day to work, right through the spectrum to weddings.


For a formal occasion, you might want to consider a more traditional silk tie. Again, these come in a range of designs but a floral theme is a classic. For a more statement piece, paisley is a good choice.


Tie Bars


Having experienced something of a revival over recent years, tie bars are firmly back on the map. Whether you’re trying to emulate the debonair Don Draper from Mad Men, or simply looking to accessorise your look, the tie bar could be what you’re looking for.


It’s designed to go between the third and fourth button on your shirt. Any lower and it’s likely to disappear below your jacket, any higher and it will look like it’s trying to choke you.


Bow Ties


If you’re attending a black tie event then it will be required that you arrive complete with black bow tie.


But there are a variety of options further to this that can help you show off a bit more personality. In general, a bow tie will only be worn on a formal occasion, such as a wedding, in which case a solid colour bow tie or one with a simpler design is the best choice.


Sometimes, however, individuals wishing to show off their quirky side might opt for one with a bolder pattern as an alternative to a necktie.




With the summer ahead of us, the thought of wearing a scarf might be the last thing on your mind, but don’t forget the British summertime can be short and unpredictable.


A silk scarf can add some class to an ensemble without being too warm and, as the summer comes to a close and the temperature drops by just a couple of degrees, you’ll need something before you reach for a thick coat. Pairing a suit with a scarf can be a happy medium.


So, now you’re ready to look the part whatever event you’re attending.


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