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It's Time for Royal Wedding Fever!

Posted on May 19 2018

It’s fair to say that wedding fever will sweep the country this weekend when Prince Harry and American actress Megan Markle tie the knot at Windsor castle.

So, ahead of their big day we thought we’d show you some of our best selling suits that you might want to consider for your big day! 



Tweed has long been a popular choice for weddings. It’s heritage and close association with the grandeur of country estates give it a presence and bring a real sense of class to the day. It’s particularly good for weddings in the autumn or winter but can still be worn in the summer.

Blue Suits


Coming in a range of shades, blue suits broke on to the scene and don’t look like leaving it anytime soon. They’re a more modern take on the wedding suit and, especially when worn in a slim fit, they bring a very fashionable theme to a wedding.



If you're looking for a more traditional suit, tailcoats are a popular choice for many to wear on their wedding day. They’re a well-established part of wedding etiquette and give an esteemed, almost regal, appearance to the wedding party. There is a range of colours available but when worn in a light grey it helps maintain the majestic feel.


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