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Suiting up in the Summer

Posted on July 21 2018

Summer is popular for many reasons, not least the warm weather that provides the perfect backdrop for events like weddings and other formal gatherings. The problem arises with the attire that is considered correct and proper to wear at such occasions. For most men, just the thought of wearing a suit in the stifling heat may have them loosening their collar and mopping their brow; but this need not be the case.


There is a range of cloths, cuts and hacks that can keep you cool, both literally and in a fashion sense, without having to compromise on comfort or style.


We sat down with our lead tailor, Pete to get the low down on what can be done to keep you looking fresh this summer season.


Choose your Material Carefully


Wool may be more closely associated with winter jumpers and seem like a strange material to plump for in the summer heat, but it’s actually a great material to work with. This is because it breathes with you meaning that when your body heats up, it will allow some of that unwanted warmth to be released. Linens are very breathable suits, particularly favoured on the continent, but they struggle to hold their shape. This means, particularly at a formal event, that when you want to look smart, a sharp appearance is hard to achieve.


On the other hand, manmade fibres should be avoided as these are not breathable and will cause you to perspire even more.


Get the Construction Right


For many, how a suit is made is a topic they will know very little about. But how it is made will prove critical in choosing a suit that works for you. So, here’s a crash course in how you summer suit should have been made:

  1. Go for lightweight cloth. Choosing something heavy will, of course, insulate you and increase your body heat.


  1. Focus on the foreparts. This is the front of the jacket that needs to be reinforced to keep it straight and therefore looking smart. However, this is unnecessary in the back part of the suit, which can be left with a looser fitting, allowing heat to escape.


  1. Use thin canvas. Traditionally, a thick piece of canvas would be used in suits but as the years progressed it became more acceptable for this to become thinner, which is good news for those looking to keep cool! Alternatively you could go for a floating chest piece, which is softer and has the added benefit of looking more expensive.


  1. Choose a three-piece suit. Adding another layer in a bid to cool down might seem counter intuitive but, in fact, it can be a stroke of genius. Admittedly, wearing the full suit is likely to make you hotter but the beauty is you can wear the jacket for arrival and quickly reduce the suit back to a waistcoat, meaning you can remain looking smart whilst keeping most of you upper body cool.


  1. Consider the finish. Whilst going for a deconstructed suit will keep you cooler it’s important that the lining is finished properly and doesn’t look scruffy. Piping the seam will complete the suit and give you piece of mind that you look the part, inside and out.


What else can be done?


It’s no secret that, regardless of how you engineer a suit, some people are naturally sweatier than others and no amount of clever tailoring will fully solve the problem. In such scenarios, choosing a lighter coloured suit will help; it’s a well-known fact that dark colours soak up the heat, whilst lighter shades will reflect it. If all else fails, you can stitch sweat pads in to the arms of your jacket, which will soak up any perspiration.



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