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The Ready to Wear Suit Guide

Posted on February 28 2018

The biggest issue when buying a suit is making sure the fit is going to be suitable for your frame. Things to consider are your build, weight and height also whether you have long or short limbs. Ready to wear suits are designed to fit a wide variety of shapes so don't expect a made to measure fit when buying an off the peg garment.

That being said you can get very close to a perfect fit if you know how to measure yourself correctly and take note of the instructions in our measure yourself size guide. The second way to guarantee a perfect fit is to use a tailor such as ourselves. Professional tailors will be able to alter the garment (within reason) to make it fit better.

The trend at the moment is for close fitting suits this is sometimes hard to judge when shopping online unless you know a particular brand's fit or have your measurements with your tailor. It can be a lottery when buying a suit online. Luckily we can make it easier by offering a free alteration service when you buy a suit from us!

We have designed a system to make it easier for you when buying a suit online. First you must take note of our measuring guide and decide whether you need any tweaks.


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