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Valentines Day At Home: Things to do on Valentine's day

Posted on January 20 2021

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s sure to feel a little bit different this year with a national lockdown in place. It might feel like a Valentine’s day in lockdown won’t be as special as normal, but there’s no reason that it can’t be just as good, if not better than every other year!

A Valentine’s day at home can be the perfect way to create a truly intimate and romantic date. We’re in luck this year as Valentine’s 2021 is set to fall on a Sunday, allowing for lots of creative and romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s day at home.

Read on to explore our list of things to do on Valentine’s day this year to create the perfect Valentine’s at home.


1. Make her breakfast in bed

Take advantage of Valentine’s day 2021 falling on a Sunday and surprise her with breakfast in bed. Enjoy a super lazy Sunday in bed and start it off with her favourite breakfast. Whether that’s with a large stack of beautifully fluffy pancakes or a bowl of porridge. She’s sure to love the surprise and the effort you’ve gone to. This is the perfect time to exchange gifts as well!


2. Cook a romantic meal together

Why not go crazy and buy all of the ingredients for your favourite meals and spend the night together in the kitchen cooking? Whilst you may have done lots of cooking together during lockdown, make this special by cooking something fun that you can enjoy together. Making your own pizzas is always fun and (usually) tastes 100x better than ordering from your local takeaway.


3. Surprise her with a 3 course meal

Make her feel like you’re in a 5* restaurant by cooking up a stunning 3 course meal, and eating it together at a beautifully dressed and candle-lit table. Get dressed up in your favourite suit, or shirt and trousers, and maybe even treat her to a nice dress for the occasion. Not much of a cook? Treat her to a Marks and Spencer Valentine’s dine-in to re-create that restaurant quality food and she won’t notice the difference! 
We’re all missing the opportunity to go out, so making an at home restaurant style experience will be the perfect at-home escape.
In need of a new shirt or suit for the occasion? You can always shop our range and have it delivered directly to you!

4. Have a cinema night at home

Looking for something romantic but not too over complicated? Create a comfy set-up in your living room, get stocked up on your favourite cinema snacks, light the fire and settle in for the night with your favourite films. This is the perfect option for anyone who’s scared of the kitchen!


5. Have a cocktail night

There’s so many options these days for at-home subscriptions, you can  even have cocktail ingredients delivered to your door to create the perfect cocktails at home. Or head over to the shops and buy the ingredients yourself and get shaking them up!
This is another great way to recreate that feeling of ‘going out’, and you can make it feel even more real by getting dressed up! Don’t forget you can order shirts, blazers, trousers and ties on our website if you want to treat yourself to a new outfit for the occasion. 

The most important thing to remember when planning a Valentine’s day date for you and your partner is to make sure it is perfectly suited to you both. If the Valentine’s ideas we’ve covered aren’t your thing, why not plan a lovely long walk in your area and take along some hot drinks to keep yourselves nice and cosy. Or maybe this year just take it easy and treat Valentine’s day like every other day of the year, lockdown is the perfect excuse for deviating from your usual routines!

We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for Valentine’s 2021, let us know your Valentine’s ideas in the comments below.


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