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What to Wear this Summer

Posted on July 22 2019

We might still be waiting on that searing summer heat to reach us here in Britain. But the spells of sunshine interspersed with rain have made for a humid start to the summer.

And even if the sun is yet to properly reveal itself, the heat is certainly present.

All of this can cause havoc for those looking to stay cool in every sense of the word during the summer time.

However, all is not lost. You can still keep the sweat off without having to look like you don’t know how to dress.

Here are our top tips:


This is perhaps one of the biggest considerations you should bare in mind when shopping for your summer clothes. Avoid man made fibres as they don’t allow the body to breathe and will lock in the heat, leaving you to boil.

There are three fabrics you should be aiming for: cotton, linen and wool. Be careful, however, with the latter. Wool might seem like a strange choice for the heat but it is breathable so allows heat to disperse. Opt for tropical weight wool where possible for the most efficiency. It also helps to draw moisture off the body and in to the fabric, reducing the risk of sweat dripping down your body.


When the sun shines, it’s natural that you chose lighter, brighter colours to match the weather. The flowers are blooming and your wardrobe should be too.

Not only does a difference in colour help mark the change between the seasons, lighter colours help reflect the sun and keep you cooler, as opposed to the heat socking qualities of darker material.

The British summer time is short so make the most of it and go bold with your colours. The chance to do so doesn’t happen often!


Something of a devise subject between men is when, if ever, you should wear shorts. Some guys will flatly refuse once they’ve gone beyond a certain age but if you know how to pull them off correctly, then there’s no reason why you can’t go on wearing them forever.

You should go for shorts that follow the line of your body, so ideally avoiding cargo shorts, which look scruffy. Make sure they’re flat fronted and come down to just above the knee.

That way they look smart, without restricting movement and will look the part in the pub, at a BBQ or a more formal event.


When the weather gets hotter, shirts might be the last thing on your mind but there’s no reason why these garments need to be avoided.

Refer back to the aforementioned fabrics for ideas when choosing your shirt material. These items are ideal for more formal events when you need to make an effort but you can dress them down and keep yourself cool by unbuttoning and rolling up sleeves as required.

And, if you really can’t stand the thought of wearing a shirt, then don’t fear. T-shirts are still a viable option. Try to avoid huge graphics on a shirt and go for plain, block colours or stripes.


Believe it or not, trousers can actually keep you cooler than shorts. They keep the direct sunlight off the skin and reduce sweating.

You want to be wearing lighter, neutral tones. Not only does this reduce the heat they soak up but will complement the bright colours of your shirts. Darker colours shouldn’t be totally ruled out but make sure the material is breathable.

Trousers also offer the perfect antidote to the slight chill that can come as a summer evening progresses. If you know you’re going to be burning the midnight oil, they could be the ideal solution to keep you cool in the beginning and prevent you from getting cold later on.


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