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How To Measure Collar Size - Leonard Silver

Just like every area when you’re measuring yourself for a suit, your neck measurement plays a vital role in the way your garments fit. Your shirt size is partly determined by how your collar sits around your neck, which is why it’s important to get it just right. If you’re looking for a fitted suit, for instance, learning how to measure your collar size is crucial as there’s nothing worse than a gaping neckline. 

If you’ve taken a look at our dress shirt collection, you’ll have found a range of sizes to choose from. However, we also have a made to measure suits service that will ensure every piece of your suit is fitted to your liking. When learning how to measure shirt collar size, you want to ensure that the fit is close to your body, creating a seamless silhouette of your figure. 

Don’t know how to meet this streamlined effect? We’re here to help. By following the following steps and tips, how to measure collar size will be a question of the past.


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A Guide On How To Measure Collar Size

  1. Grab a fabric tape measure and position the end at the base of your neck where the collar would lay. 
  2. Hold this position before wrapping your tape measure around your neck, while leaving a finger’s gap in between the tape measure and the skin for comfort.
  3. Check the measurement in inches and there you have it, how to measure collar size is complete.

Our Tips

Even though this is a straight-forward process, take into account that your collar size can dramatically affect your shirt’s fit. So, to get it completely right, here are our top tips when learning how to measure collar size:

  1. Position the tape measure at the base of your Adam’s apple for most accurate measurement
  2. Keep the measuring tape level at all times
  3. Try not to pull too tightly when wrapping the tape around one’s neck- this won’t be comfortable!
  4. Ask for some assistance from fitting experts if you’re unsure


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How To Measure Collar Size UK

We hope that our guide on how to measure collar size has helped your everyday needs. Here at Leonard Silver, all of our shirts range from 15 to 18” in collar size. Also, with shirt sizes ranging from 15 to 19, we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive menswear clothing shop, targeting all needs and preferences.

If you want further information on our made to measure suit service, get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1482 223025. By allowing us to measure and fit you for a suit, you will be given a sleek and contoured look that cannot be matched. We will strategically and accurately measure you, ensuring that optimum comfort and style is met.

With brands on offer such as Fratelli Uniti, Torre and our very own Leonard Silver suits, you know that you’ll be wearing the best. Whether you’re on the hunt for a wedding suit, need a slick outfit for a black tie event or you simply enjoy an exquisitely fitted suit for work, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our Complete Guide On How To Measure For A Suit for even more tips from our experts.


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