The Ultimate Shirt Size Guide

The Ultimate Shirt Size Guide - Leonard Silver

When refreshing your shirt collection, there is one rule that you must always follow; making sure it fits right. Whether you need a selection of smart shirts for the office or one for a one-off event, getting the shirt fit right is the difference between looking good and looking somewhat sloppy. A great fitting shirt will offer a charming silhouette, defining all of your physique while still being extremely comfortable.

Not sure how? That’s where we come in. Continue reading for our complete shirt size guide; giving you the key to perfectly fitting shirts.

The 3 Steps Of Our Shirt Size Guide UK

  1. Measuring Your Neck
  2. Measuring Your Chest
  3. Measuring Your Arms/Sleeves

Measuring Your Neck

First things first, you need to accurately measure the bottom of your neck to determine the collar size of your shirt. We say the bottom of the neck as this is where your collar would naturally sit. 

While measuring, ensure that you can fit two fingers between your neck and the soft measuring tape so that you avoid a collar that is too tight. If you are alone, simply do as advised but add on half an inch to compensate for the two fingers space.

Measuring Your Chest

Next up on our UK shirt size guide, we have the chest. You’ll want to stand straight with your arms by your side when measuring your chest. Take your soft tape measure and wrap it around the widest point of your upper body. Keep the tape level and parallel to the ground for most accurate results.

A Tailor Measuring A Man's Chest

Measuring Your Arms

Lastly, we have arms. Grab your tape measure one last time and keep it on the top side of your arm. Then, measure from the middle of the back of your neck to your shoulder, scaling it all the way down your arm to where you’d like your cuff to sit.

A Tailor Measuring A Mans Shirt Sleeves

Our Top Tips For Measuring For a Shirt

  • Avoid sucking in your stomach or puffing your chest out. You may feel good but your measurements will be very inaccurate; leaving you uncomfortable. Instead, stay relaxed and ask for a helping hand
  • Be as accurate as possible. Do not round up or down on numbers.
  • Ensure that the shirt fit you’re going for suits your body shape. Slim fit will, of course, sit close to your body, but classic fits will give you more breathing space
  • Do not wear thick clothing when measuring so that you get the best results

  • Measuring A Shirt From Leonard Silver

    When measuring for a formal shirt from Leonard Silver, we recommend that you base your fit on your collar measurement. To give you a better idea of what fit you’ll be getting, we have a The Complete Guide On How To Measure For A Suit that outlines all of the different elements of measuring for a full suit. 

    If you’re still unsure about our shirt size guide, our expert tailors can help. With over 60 years in the industry, our team has the knowledge and skills to fit your shirt or better yet, an entire suit to flatter your body shape and size. We understand how important it is to look dapper for an event or an executive role, and we are confident that we can help you look the part. Get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1482 223025. 

    Stay tuned for the next shirt size guide from us as every shirt may offer a different fit, depending on the brand. We have several luxury shirt brands on our website, including John Victor, Eton Shirts & Remus Uomo; delivering our customers with the best when bought in conjunction with our shirt size guide.


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