Autumn Style | What To Wear This Autumn

Autumn Style | What To Wear This Autumn - Leonard Silver

Autumn Style | What To Wear This Autumn

It looks like the sun might never join us this year, so it’s time to start thinking about transitional styles. Looks that are perfect for navigating unpredictable weather. Autumn can be a difficult time of year for the weather. Some days the sun can shine with real purpose and other days, a winter chill runs through the air. That’s where your transitional wardrobe comes in.

Layers are key to navigating this tricky season. Keep it stylish without being stuffy on warmer days with a layered smart casual look or 3 piece suit. The art of layering will also help you stay adaptable for unpredictable autumn weather which can change several times within a single day.

Follow our guide below to get the perfect autumn style. 



Autumn style for men starts with shoes. Shoes are often an overlooked part of an outfit which is why we’re placing them firmly at the top of our list to bring them back into your thinking. A stylish pair of shoes can really bring your outfit together because truly no outfit is complete without the perfect shoe.

Summer shoes are on their way out but the winter boots might be a bit heavy for the autumn style. There is, however, one rule of thumb that should be followed: no flip-flops! It might be a nice thought, letting your feet breathe on a warmer day but these are too casual to keep up the smarter side of the look.

You’ll need something smart but not too formal, trainers – but not white ones, imagine how dirty they’d get on a wet Autumn day – are a good option for your autumn style. A mens brogue is a stylish alternative for those that want to avoid sportswear altogether and make for a much more formal and stylish autumn look. Just make sure you get the right tones to match your outfit!

You can find a wide range of mens brogues, and every kind of mens shoe across our site that will work perfectly with your Autumn street style. Whether you prefer a stylish trainer or the more formal Chelsea boot, you’ll find everything you need here.



Mens blazers are something of a godsend when it comes to mens autumn style! They’re smart enough to help you look the part when you need to be a bit more formal but not so much so that you feel overdressed, restricted and suffocated. The perfect choice for a smart casual autumn style. 

With the weather being unpredictable they also offer insulation from the cold but can be taken off when inside or in the sun. By nature, a blazer can work with a wide range of outfits, meaning you can even layer it over a jumper to keep you dressed up and warm. We have a great selection of jumpers for layering on those in-between days.

Go for something bright that shows your personality and helps keep the summer vibe going that little bit longer! Failing that, we also have a wide selection of mens overcoats for an even dressier touch.




The great thing about blazers is that they don’t have to match with your trousers. This allows you to create a unique look and avoids you looking too formal. 

A good pair of chinos will stand you in good stead. Opt for something high quality and made from cotton. The fabric will breathe in the warmer weather but keep the legs protected from the chill, making for the perfect Autumn style. Or go for a block coloured blazer to pair with some tweed trousers and there you have it, a vibrant and smart look.




Last but not least, it's the mens accessories. This is where you can add your personality to your outfit. You shouldn’t overdo it by adding too many flourishes. Limit yourself to two or three accents that will complement the overall feel.

A tweed hat can be a trendy option for your autumn style, as well as practical, keeping you warm when the temperature drops or drier in the autumn showers. Pocket squares are another subtle way to add pattern and colour if your outfit is otherwise lacking in those areas.

As we more toward the back end of autumn, practicality may become more of a concern but that’s no reason to compromise on your autumn style. Gloves and scarves should be considered just as much as any other part of the outfit.


Formal Autumn Wear For Men

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, why not try a 3 piece suit for Autumn? A layered suit is the perfect style for this time of the year. If it’s colder, you can keep all 3 layers on for extra warmth, but if we find ourselves having a beautifully rare Indian summer, then you can whip that jacket off and style it out in a stunning fitted tweed waistcoat. 

What will you be wearing for your autumn style? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to always tag us in your Instagram photos!



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