About Leonard Silver

About Us

Leonard Silver is a family business founded in 1946 and recognised as one of the most established menswear stores in the country, holding onto a reputation for both quality and service. 

Leonard Silver has long been associated with leading and luxury manufacturers of men's fashion, both British and Continental. Famous names such as FlorentinoBarkerEton Shirts, and many other specialised brands and own label merchandise are brought together to form an exclusive array of desirable clothes for men.

 Though you need not take our word alone for our expertise and quality offering as one of the most recognised tailors in Yorkshire, our reviews speak for themselves. Every customer that walks through our door is offered the best service possible, ensuring we can meet any request in the best possible way. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us.

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. By offering only the highest standard of customer service, our customers return to us every time they need a new suit or menswear, visiting from Yorkshire and all around the UK. We pride ourselves on always listening to our customers, understanding their needs and meeting them exactly through expert tailoring and dedicated customer service that you can’t find elsewhere. 


Our years of experience in tailoring and customer service mean that we will have the right suit for your shape regardless of your height, build or physique. If you have difficulty finding a well-fitted 3-piece suit, we have the expertise to take measurements intricately and tailor your choice of suit to fit you and your body shape perfectly. Bringing you style, confidence and poise for every type of occasion.

Having developed our skills in bespoke tailoring during the pioneering days of the handmade ready-to-wear suit, Leonard Silver flourished during the sixties fashion boom, attracting young and style-conscious customers. Progress continued with the introduction of new and prestigious designer labels for an ensuing fashion culture which is still prominent today.


We understand that wearing a well-fitted 3-piece suit can make you feel as good as you look. Through customer service and meticulous tailoring, we make it our mission always to help you feel great. Leonard Silver has always maintained our position at the forefront of an ever-changing market, combining traditional values with current trends and the diversity of our offer. Represented through four main departments:

Classic Tailoring: Ready-to-wear or made-to-measure suits

Designer Fashion: Formal & Casual

Young & Stylish: Jeanswear and sport

Formalwear & Wedding hire

The Pioneers in bringing Tweed Suits to the massesThe tweed suit has been a favourite for centuries, and with television series such as The Peaky Blinders causing further hype for the charming check, we expect to see tweed suits sticking around. Here at Leonard Silver, we are country-leading in tweed suit distribution. For every race day, wedding, and any other type of event, we are continuously approached by modern males who want to rock a tweed suit, and we help them do just that.

Reliable and diligent men's tailors aren’t easy to come by, especially ones so conversant in the trade. Our years of experience and ever-growing industry knowledge have led us to dress high-profile figures in the area and become true experts in tailoring. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business.