How To Wear A T-Shirt With A Suit

How To Wear A T-Shirt With A Suit - Leonard Silver
As the hot weather shows no sign of going away, you're probably all wondering if you really need to wear a suit in this heat. It can be daunting thinking of wearing a 2-piece suit in the summer sun, never mind a 3-piece suit. But is there another way? Historically, it's always been a cardinal sin to wear a suit with anything other than a crisp shirt. However, this blog will explore the semi-casual and ever-growing trend of wearing a t-shirt with a suit!



Can You Wear A T-shirt With A Suit?


The all-important question, but if the answer were a firm no, there'd be no point to this blog. Traditional suit rules dictate that a t-shirt cannot be worn with a suit, and that's a firm decision. But in the past few years, we've seen this as a growing trend, particularly in celebrity circles, and we have to say; it looks good. So if you're asking us, yes, you absolutely can and should wear a t-shirt with a suit when the occasion allows for it.



When To Wear A Suit With A T-shirt?


As mentioned, this is a style choice for only certain occasions, but there are plenty of times and places that you can wear a t-shirt with a suit.
Suit and t-shirt season is a thing, and it's called Spring/Summer. When the cooler days have passed, and the temperature is hotting up, it's the perfect time to pull out your suit and t-shirt combo. This look will keep you stylish, smart, and cooler in that summer heat.
Pairing your suit with a t-shirt rather than a shirt will take your look from smart to smart casual, so keep that in mind before throwing on your t-shirt and suit combo. This is not a look for overly formal occasions, but would definitely be welcomed at summer events, weddings and even for a sleek date night look.



What is the best t-shirt to wear with a suit?


It's best not to overcomplicate this style; a bright white t-shirt is always the best choice for wearing with a suit. A white t-shirt will work with any and all suits, whether they're plain or checked or black or blue, it's the perfect option.
If you're wearing a lighter suit, you may want to contrast with a darker t-shirt, or you might even want to try a matching t-shirt colour, but our recommendation is to always stay away from patterns.



How To Wear A T-shirt With A Suit?


Grab your favourite matching 2-piece suit and a crisp, pattern-free t-shirt and get inspired by the expertly styled celebrities of the red carpet. We're following their guidance on how to wear a t-shirt with a suit, as the experts of this modern look.

Chris Evans

Spotted on the red carpet with Hayley Atwell, rocking a navy suit with a white vest.

Chris Evans wearing a suit with a t-shirt

Rege-Jean Page

Seen on Jimmy Fallon in a bold burgundy suit with a black t-shirt.

Rege-Jean Page wears a suit with t-shirt on Jimmy Fallon

David Beckham

Spotted wearing a t-shirt with a suit to promote his collection with H&M


David Beckham Wearing a T-shirt With a Suit
Having read our guide on how to wear a t-shirt with a suit, what are your thoughts on t-shirt suits? Will you be trying this look out anytime soon? Let us know in the comments, or share your pictures with us using #leanardsilver on social media!


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