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How to Pick Wedding Suits for your Groomsmen

Posted on October 15 2018


Christmas weddings are always popular and, if you’re one of the many that are choosing to tie the knot during the festive period then you’ll know just how much needs to be done over the next few months with the big day fast approaching.

And, whilst choosing the dress, suit, venue and keeping the in-laws happy amongst other things are all likely to take prominence, it won’t be long before your attention turns to kitting out the guys that will be by your side throughout the day: your groomsmen.

It’s probably not until you sit down to try and pick a stylish suit that you’re going to realise just how difficult this task can be. With everyone’s own unique style and varying body types, choosing a suit that will be right for everyone can be a tough ask.

But fear not. We’re here to take the burden away and get you up to speed so you can impress everyone from groomsmen to guests on the big day.

1. Do the suits need to match?

It’s common for your groomsmen to all wear the same suit, it acts almost as a uniform, separating your oldest and loyalist mates from the rest of the pack. But there’s nothing set in stone that says uniformity must always be the case. And, to maintain that sense of consistency in dress you could choose a common theme such as patterns, colour or one of the smaller details like a pocket square or silk tie. That should leave enough scope for personalisation elsewhere.

If you’re going to give your groomsmen free-reign over what they wear, which is always a risk; then send a swatch of cloth amongst them so they all have the same starting point (and hopefully they won’t end up too far away from it!)  

2. Find your Level 

Some people will opt for ultra formal dress such as a morning suit for their big day others prefer to go down a slightly less formal route. But whatever your decision is, as the groom, you need to make sure you’re the best dressed. However, make sure you don’t go too far to the extreme. If your groomsmen are dressed in a fairly informal suit then the groom is wearing a full three-piece suit, cravat, the whole ‘shabangcan create a disconnect and look uncoordinated. Find a happy medium by choosing the style you’re going for and separating yourself from your groomsmen by wearing a statement piece such as pocket square, time-piece, cufflinks or something that the guys around you won’t be.

3. Footwear 

It can often go forgotten about but what your groomsmen and yourself are going to wear on your feet is just as important as the rest of the ensemble. It’s best to go for a classic style that will suit the class and elegance of the day. Brogues, loafers, derby shoes or, if you’ve opted for more of a dress down occasion, then you could even go for a Chelsea boot. Of course colour is entirely dependent on your suit but sticking to a traditional brown or black is recommended.


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