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Hiltl Trousers | Leonard Silver

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Hiltl trousers have been a staple at Leonard Silver for many years. The brand's commitment to producing the finest quality trousers in the world is incomparable. Using industry-leading fabric mills from both the UK & Italy, which are designed and constructed with German precision, Hiltl Trousers offer comfort & a look like no other.

Established in 1955, Hiltl Trousers UK are renowned for tailoring high-end luxury trousers that are built to last- adding functionality and a stylish look to any gentleman's wardrobe. Hiltl trousers are the perfect trouser for wearing with men's dress shirts, men's brogues and a stylish men's overcoats.

Because to wear a pair of high-quality trousers makes for comfort & a key wardrobe staple that'll last for many years to come.