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How to Wear a Suit Correctly

Posted on August 18 2018

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’ve had to wear a suit at some point in your life. The first time you put one on as a young adolescent is almost a rite of passage. But no one ever teaches you how to wear one properly or explains the key indicators that make a suit look really great.


When you consider everything that’s available in a modern suit such as the cut, style, colour, material and more, choosing the right one can be a tough task. And, if you make a bad decision, the results can be disastrous.


Going for a suit that’s too big can be a clear indicator that you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to tailored clothing. The shoulders are a big giveaway, if your suit is ill-fitting in that area you’ll look drowned and a far cry from the sharp, sleek look that you want to be going for. If there is a gap between the lapels of your jacket and the collar of your shirt then you know the suit is too big. In an ideal scenario, it’s worth visiting a tailor for a bespoke suit to perfectly fit your frame. However, if this isn’t an option then there is a great range of off the peg alternatives available.


Don’t forget about the smaller elements that can be subtle but still play a big role in completing the ensemble. Things to consider include belts, ties, watches, cuff links, scarves, hats and pocket squares. However, it’s worth considering not to over accessorise. As a general rule of thumb, don’t wear more than three elements. If you’re planning to wear a three-piece suit then your waistcoat counts as one of those accessories.


If you’re wearing a tie make sure it is darker than the colour of your shirt. Anything else will create an awkward contrast. Also, try to match the width of your tie to the width of your lapels to give a balanced appearance to your outfit.


A pocket square is a popular accessory to wear with a suit. Contrary to tradition, it doesn’t necessarily have to match your tie in colour or pattern. You can mix it up by going for something very different, as long as it remains complimentary. This ice-cream inspired pocket square adds a touch of fun and colour to your suit to demonstrate some personality and can be a real talking point.


If you opt to wear a belt then try to keep it thin for a more modern look and make sure that the colour of it matches your shoes.


Remember to unbutton your jacket when you sit down and redo it when you stand up. It’s not necessarily accessory specific but it will keep your suit from creasing and help you demonstrate you know your stuff.


Additionally, the arms of the jacket should leave an inch of shirt exposed around the wrists and your socks should be long enough to cover your calves, not leaving any skin exposed, even when sitting down or crossed legged.


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