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Suiting up in the Summer | Summer Suits For Men

Posted on March 17 2021

Summer is popular for many reasons, not least the warm weather that provides the perfect backdrop for events like weddings, garden parties and other formal gatherings. But this year, expect Summer to be even better than ever, with the news that as of June 21st, all social restrictions will be lifted in line with the Government roadmap.

Whilst we all love the Summer sunshine, this is not always the ideal weather for formal wear. For most men, just the thought of wearing a suit in the stifling Summer heat may have them loosening their collar and mopping their brow; but this need not be the case. When it comes to Summer suits, there is a range of cloths, cuts and hacks that can keep you cool, both literally and in a fashion sense, without having to compromise on comfort or style.

We sat down with our expert tailor, Peter, to get the low down on how to keep you looking and feeling fresh in your men’s summer clothes.


What is the best material for a Summer suit?

When it comes to wearing a suit in Summer, it is essential to choose a suitable material to keep you comfortable in the heat.

Artificial fibres are not the ideal choice for Summer suits for men. These fabrics are not breathable, meaning you are more likely to sweat and feel uncomfortable in the Summer heat.

Surprisingly, wool, whilst more closely associated with winter jumpers, is an excellent material to work with for Summer suits. As a natural material, wool and tweed suits breathe with you, which means that the fabric will allow some of the heat to be released. This is why we always recommend someone have a quality tweed suit in their collection; as not only are they timeless in design but perfect for every season.



Linens are another excellent option for a summer suit! Linen makes very breathable suits, particularly favoured when your body heats up, and are a popular choice for summer weddings or weddings abroad. Unfortunately, linen suits struggle to hold their shape. This means, particularly at a formal event, that a sharp appearance is harder to achieve.


What are the best colours for Summer suits?

As with any clothes, lighter colours are always best for Summer. Opting for light or pale coloured suits will help to keep you more comfortable in the Summer sun. Pastels are in for summer 2021 suit trends, meaning not only will a pale suit keep you cool, but it will also keep you on-trend. 



You can browse our range of pale-coloured suits here, perfect for Summer! 

If you have an occasion where you would need to wear a darker suit, for example, at a funeral or formal event, you can keep reading on for more tips on keeping cool when wearing a suit in Summer.

How to wear a suit in the Summer?

Loafers are the perfect pairing for a Summer suit. Not only are they stylish, but they are also more often cooler than lace-up shoes due to the nature of the design. So, why not treat yourself to a new pair in time for Summer? You can browse our range of loafers here.

Be prepared! For those long days at work or long Summer events, prepare yourself by bringing along extra shirts where possible. This means you don’t have to worry as much about keeping fresh throughout the day, making tackling the summer heat in a suit a lot easier!

It might seem counter-intuitive to add extra layers to your outfit in Summer, but it can help to opt for a 3 piece rather than a 2 piece suit in Summer. Whilst adding the layer in will most-definitely trap more heat, your jacket can be worn for a minimal amount of time, and you will still be looking well-dressed with your waistcoat in place once you have removed your jacket!

Again, on this note, you could add a vest to your outfit. Whilst this would mean adding another layer that can keep you warmer, it adds an extra layer of protection form visible sweat. A good option for anyone who is naturally prone to sweating.


Getting your suit’s construction correct will also help massively keep you cool and looking stylish in the Summer heat. Follow our tips here to get the correct structure;

  1. Choose a lightweight cloth. Choosing something heavy will, of course, insulate you and increase your body heat. 

  2. Focus on the foreparts, also known as the front of the jacket. The front needs to be reinforced to keep it straight and therefore looking smart. However, this is unnecessary in the back part of the suit, which can be left with a looser fitting, allowing heat to escape.

  3. Use a thin canvas. Traditionally, a thick piece of canvas would be used in suits; however, as the years progressed, it became more acceptable for this to become thinner, which is good news for those looking to keep cool! Alternatively, you could go for a floating chest piece, which is softer and has the added benefit of looking more expensive.

  4. Consider the finish. Going for a deconstructed suit will keep you cool, but it’s important that the lining is finished correctly and doesn’t look scruffy. Piping the seam will complete the suit and give you peace of mind that you look the part, inside and out.


Summer Wedding Suits

We highly recommend having a custom made suit commissioned from our Premium Wedding range for a summer wedding suit. By doing this, you can be more involved in the choice of fabric, construction and colours, ensuring that you can put into practice all of our advice for the best summer suit. 

You can find further information on wedding suits’ latest trends and popular summer wedding colours 2021 over on our blog post about buying a wedding suit in 2021. Have a read here

If you’re looking for summer wedding attire as a wedding guest, we suggest looking at our range of summer suits for men. Explore the collection here


Where to buy a Summer suit?

Buy from the experts, with over 70 years in the industry, Leonard Silver is the only choice for where to buy a Summer suit. Want to find out more? Book an appointment with our expert tailor today.


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