Men's Footwear Essentials: What shoes should a man have?

Men's Footwear Essentials: What shoes should a man have? - Leonard Silver


Make the most of your wardrobe by investing in quality shoes that will last and see you through every occasion. Through careful selection of the most durable and quality shoes, we can stretch your budget further and ensure you're looking your best in every outfit.


In this guide to men's footwear essentials, we'll introduce you to the 5 must-have shoes for every man's wardrobe, and help you to understand how and when to wear them. By following our two-key rules, we'll help you to select a few quality pairs of shoes to complete your outfits without breaking the bank.


First of all, don't be led by logos and passing fads, stick with classic styles which can be worn again and again without going out of style. Secondly, we're all about quality over quantity. Shoes are the finishing touch to every outfit, which is why you want to invest in a quality pair of shoes that are made to last.


Keep scrolling to find our guide to the must-have shows for every man's wardrobe.



 1. The Classic Trainer


A well-looked-after and quality trainer can be the perfect addition to most men's outfits, and offer the bridge between smart and casual for more formal styles.
You can pair your quality trainers or sneakers with shorts, jeans and chines, and if you're wondering if you can wear trainers with a suit, the answer is yes. There's a certain time and place for a suit and sneaker combo but it can definitely be a great look when the occasion calls for smart-casual attire.
When shopping for your classic trainers, stay away from loud and bold designs. Instead, stick with the classic and simple styles, and opt for more neutral tones to keep your shoes looking classy and stylish. Taking care of your trainers will help them to last even longer, and avoid over-wearing to reduce the risk of damage and ageing.
If you're looking for classic trainers to wear with suits and shorts, then these Lacuzzo Perforated Tan sneakers are an ideal choice.


 2. Oxford/Brogues


The Oxford, or Brogue (we'll explain the difference), is considered to be the choice for men's dress shoes and is the archetypal shoe for any formal event. As the name suggests, men's dress shoes are not likely something you'll wear every day unless you wear a suit for work, but they are still a men's wardrobe essential.
The Oxford refers to a men's dress shoe with closed lacing, giving the formal appearance desired. A brogue refers to the finish of the shoe, with the pattern of holes that marks the outer leather. Brogues can be Oxfords, and Oxfords can be Brogues, though not all are!
Whilst Oxfords are a classic and timeless style, Brogues are more in style at the moment, making them the perfect shoes for suits and formal occasions.
These Barker Grant Brogues fit the bill perfectly!

3. The Loafer

A popular American style, these shoes offer a more relaxed take on the formal men's dress shoe, giving your outfit a preppy finish. The Loafer, whilst available in different styles, is a slip-on shoe, which can work with or without socks. Though these will most commonly be worn without!
There are various different styles to choose from, with simple options for a more classic style or added detail such as tassels to create a more playful and preppy look.
These Lacuzzo Black Tassle loafers are a perfect example to fit a smarter outfit, with a touch of fun.

 4. Chukka Boots

Inspired by the original worker boot, supplied to infantry soldiers during the war, these boots have been transformed into a significantly more stylish boots without losing their hardwearing qualities and original charm.
Chukka boots are the ideal choice for when you're out and about during the day, or for a short stroll in those wetter autumn months. The nature of these boots makes them perfect for colder seasons, with a strong grip and hardwearing construction that will keep you both warm and dry.
Stylish and comfortable, Chukka boots can be switched out for your classic trainers to elevate your look to the next level. Keeping you looking sharp in the colder seasons.
Check out these Leather Chukka Boots in tan for comfort, style and versatility.


 5. Chelsea Boot


A classic style dating back to the Victorian era, the Chelsea Boot is growing in popularity. This timeless design is a must-have wardrobe item for all men. The Chelsea boot is easily recognised by its iconic shape and finish, with an elasticated ankle panel allowing the wearer to easily pull the boot on and off.
Available in both suede and leather/leather-look finishes, the Chelsea boot is a winter essential. A traditional leather Chelsea Boot can easily be worn with a full suit, swapping out for the traditional dress shoes in colder weather. A brown suede Chelsea Boot, an extremely popular style, will work well to dress up more casual outfits, such as chinos or jeans.
We love the Lacuzzo Navy Chelsea Boots for a modern take on the classic chelsea boot.



There you have it, the 5 essential shoes for every man's wardrobes and how to style them. By following these guidelines for selecting and wearing men's shoes, you can ensure you finish every outfit perfectly with the right shoes.



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