Tweed Suits: Everything You Need To Know About The Tweed Suit

Tweed Suits: Everything You Need To Know About The Tweed Suit - Leonard Silver
Recently, tweed suits have become a popular alternative to the traditional cotton or linen suits for any occasion. A thriving trend, the tweed suit offers a unique vintage style and hardwearing texture that can’t be found anywhere else.
So, what is a tweed suit, and why should you be wearing one?
What is a tweed suit?
Tweed is a type of patterned woollen fabric that has become synonymous with Scottish and Irish styles. Tweed suits first became popular amongst the Edwardian middle classes. Tweed jackets were traditionally worn for upper-class country pursuits due to their durability, therefore became a popular choice for hunters, cyclists, golfers and early motorists. Tweed, therefore, became a cultural icon of British country apparel.
Popular patterns include; houndstooth, associated with 1960s fashion; Windowpane, traditional gamekeepers tweed worn by academics; Glen plaid check, commissioned by Edward VII; and Herringbone, with the distinctive V-shaped weave.
A tweed 3-piece suit offers a distinctive look with vintage appeal. It has a subtle textured appearance with a rough yet soft texture. A tweed suit comes in a range of colours. Furthermore, the fibres can be woven using a plain weave or twill weave. Each offers a subtle nuance affecting its appearance, texture and construction.
Due to the rugged origin of tweed, a tweed suit offers a greater level of quality and durability. Whilst tweed suits are not immune to damage, they are less likely to rip or tear than suits made from other materials.

Are tweed suits fashionable?
Absolutely, tweed suits are a timeless design, made more popular recently on Peaky Blinders by characters like Arthur Shelby or Tommy Shelby. You can find out more about the rise of the Peaky Blinder style in our blog here.
By the 1960s, designers reinvented tweed from a stylish but mostly durable fabric to the radical. Bold patterns and colours were introduced, and tweed became a popular choice for the young, fashionable and politically progressive. By the 1980s, Vivienne Westwood reinvented tweed for the punk movement and generation. Tweed suits quietened down by the mid-90s - but that’s hardly the most fashionable era in history.
Over the years, Tweed has stood the test of time, spanned across social classes and countries, and has proven itself as a practical, durable and fashionable material. Tweed is at once traditional, progressive, vintage, professional, and haute couture for the masses. Therefore, it is no surprise that fashion houses have declared that “tweed is Chic” again, not that we needed to be told.
How much do tweed suits cost?
Tweed suits can vary in cost, depending on the quality of the material, as with any clothing. The cost of a tweed suit also depends on whether you opt for a 2-piece or a 3-piece tweed suit. Thanks to its hardwearing nature, no matter what you pay for your tweed suit, you can trust that it will last many years to come, making a tweed suit a great investment.
Our tweed suits come at various prices, with our most popular and affordable styles starting at less than £250 for a full 3-piece tweed suit.
You can browse our range of affordable tweed suits UK here.
Can you wear a tweed suit to a wedding?
Absolutely, tweed suits are versatile and can be worn everywhere. Tweed is a semi-formal fabric, so there are no hard or set rules for where you can and can’t wear it, from casual gatherings to more formal events and occasions. There won’t be a traditionalist who will criticise your style and decision, and with many styles, colours, and patterns, your tweed wedding suit can add a unique look to your wedding and be as personal as you want to be.
It is becoming popular for grooms to wear a tweed wedding suit for an exceptional twist on the traditional. They are especially well suited for autumn weddings or for a country-style theme.
Although slightly less formal than a standard wedding suit, you can elevate a tweed wedding suit's appearance with a chic white button-down dress shirt and the right accessories like a pocket watch, tie clip and smart pair of brogues.
Can you wear a tweed suit in the summer?
You can absolutely wear a tweed suit in summer, but tweed was first formed in the harsh and unforgiving landscapes of the Scottish highlands, so it is well known for its warmth and protection from the elements. However, there are certain types of lightweight tweed that are more appropriate to wear in the warmer months.
Tweed is not quite as thick as wool, so it might not weigh you down to the point where it becomes too hot and uncomfortable. That said, you may not want to wear a full 3-piece tweed suit in the height of summer, but you can make a bold statement with separates.
You create the perfect summer smart-casual look by pairing our Slim Fit Donegal Tweed Jacket with chinos and a white shirt. Or don our Navy Tweed Check Jacket for the cooler evenings when the sun goes down. Pair it with light-coloured trousers and a shirt and complete the look with beige or light brown loafers or boat shoes.
Ready to get shopping for a tweed suit to add to your wardrobe? Browse our full range here.



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