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What is the best Cloth for Men's suits?

Posted on April 26 2018


What is the best cloth for Men's Suits?

There are a lot of suits on the market with varying quality so which is the best cloth to go for?

First, you have to consider how much you will wear a suit and how you will use it.

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Pure Wool is by far the finest fabric for suits and comes in varying weaves from Worsted to Flannel to Tweed and everything in between. Wool mixed with other fabrics such as Cashmere, Mohair or Silk give a luxurious feel and are more expensive. The weight of the cloth can vary a lot. Heavy wool fabric is ideal for Jacketing and Tweed Suits, lighter weights tend to suit Formal Tailoring, Wedding Suits, Business Suits or Evening/Occasion Suits.

Cotton and Linen are also a good choice for Casual Suits in warmer climates as the cloth is usually a lot lighter in weight.

If it’s a stylish Work Suit your looking for we usually advise buying a wool mix fabric as it will last longer and will have more of the properties of wool. We wouldn't advise wearing a 100% polyester suit for work as it will not breathe in summer or winter.

Polyester has always been associated with cheap suits but technology has enabled man-made fabrics to be woven into some really interesting cloth. These suits are ideal if you don't wear suits that often and you're on a budget or just need a Suit for a special occasion.

We've on occasion tried to steer some customers away from polyester suits but when they see the price they often buy two!



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