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Wedding Suit Ideas 2022 - Leonard Silver

When it comes to wedding planning, picking your wedding suit should be top of the list, just as choosing the wedding dress will be right up there for any bride-to-be. There is never a more important time to look your best, and that's why you want to take some time to consider your style and the current trends when picking your wedding suit.


Boho Wedding


In this guide, we'll explore the different trading styles for wedding suits for men, the best seasons for particular suits and everything else you'll need to know about your part of the wedding planning. With over half a century's experience in the wedding suit market, you can trust that our expert team will guide you to make the right choice when picking your wedding suit.


Dress For The Occasion

For your wedding, it's essential that you look smart and sleek in a perfectly fitted wedding suit, but the question is, just how smart? To understand which suit is best for your wedding day, you must first determine the wedding type you want. The venue and how you choose to decorate it will help you select your suit and determine how formal it needs to be. For example, if you're having a wedding in the middle of summer in a barn, you'll need to select a suitable wedding suit that isn't overly formal. Whereas, if you're getting married in a grand old building with high ceilings and intricate architecture, it may be more appropriate to opt for a formal 3-piece suit. You could even stretch to a morning suit if the wedding calls for it!


Dress For The Season

The season also plays a significant factor in which suit is best for a wedding. You'll be wearing your wedding suit for a long day, so you must make sure you choose the right fabric and fit to keep you comfortable in the season's temperatures.

Whilst tweed suits are a popular choice for a winter wedding, a 3-piece tweed suit is probably not the ideal choice for a summer wedding suit and is likely to leave you a little too warm in the summer heat.

We highly recommend that when picking your summer wedding suit, you opt for a lighter colour and a thinner fabric, especially if your wedding will be outside in the sun! One of our best-selling summer wedding suits is our Fratelli Ivory Windowpane Check Suit, boasting a light colour and quality fabrics that will keep you cool in the summer sun.

You can't go wrong with a 3-piece tweed suit for a winter wedding. Available in a range of colours and patterns, a tweed suit is made from a thick and hardwearing wool fabric that will keep you warm in cooler temperatures, meaning you don't have to worry about those outdoor photoshoots. Our favourite tweed wedding suit is the Leonard Silver Harold Green Suit, an extremely popular style with colourful detailing to make a unique look.


Popular Wedding Suits For Grooms

Now you understand the factors that play into your wedding suit choice; it's time to consider the last one; your style. There are plenty of different styles and fabric suits to choose from for your wedding suit, so whether you're looking for a modern cut or a laidback style, we've covered every style to make picking your suit even easier.


Black Tie

Black tie is having a real comeback when it comes to wedding suit ideas for 2022/23. A 007 inspired classic, the black tie suit is simple and suave, and as a bonus it looks good on EVERYONE. This style may best preferred for those who aren't a fan of bolder colours, or of course for James Bond fans. Black tie would look perfect in any setting, but may be preferred for a more formal wedding style. For a bold take on the trend, why not pair our Floral 3 Piece Dress Suit with a black bow tie!

Grooms in Black Tie Suits


Tweed Wedding Suits

There's nothing quite like the classic tweed suit for a wedding. The tweed suit, whilst always a popular option, has seen a spike in popularity thanks to the rise in the Peaky Blinders fashion trend. People have really embraced the 192's style, opting for a full peaky blinders wedding suit and grooms party, or even a themed wedding! You can stick with the classic and timeless trend of a beautiful tweed suit, or embrace the Peaky Blinders trend by pairing your tweed suit with a matching flat cap. Whichever option you choose, we LOVE this timeless style!


Tweed Wedding Suits


Summer Pastel Wedding Suits

When it comes to a summer wedding, there's no better option than a beautifully light or pastel suit, which is perfect for those that love a bold colour. Keep it formal and traditional with a simple ivory suit, or go bold with a coloured pastel, like our lilac check suit.


Summer Wedding Suits


Checked Wedding Suits

For a fun take on classic styles, why not opt for a checked suit? Adding some checked detail to your suit, whether that's with a full 3 piece, or just a small feature with a checked blazer, allows you to inject some of your personality into your look, without feeling overly formal. Checked suits are available in all different fabrics, meaning they work well for both winter and summer weddings! One of our favourites has to be our Sky Blue Check Peak Lapel Suit!


Checked Wedding Suits


Now that we've explored the different factors that will influence your choice, and the most popular wedding suits for 2022/23, we hope you can answer the question os which is best for your wedding!


With your wedding suit in mind, you now need to decide whether to have your wedding suits custom-made from an expert tailor like Leonard Silver, or whether you want to look for wedding suits to hire for you and your groomsmen.


Fortunately, at Leonard Silver we have ready to wear, made to measure and wedding suits for hire, meaning we can help you no matter what you're looking for. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you pick your wedding suits for 2022/23.


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