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What To Wear For The Races

Posted on September 03 2021



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Getting dressed up for the races is a long-standing tradition for both men and women. Alongside the races themselves and the thrill of putting on a bet, getting dressed up for the races is one of the most exciting parts of the day. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to put on their finest suit?

For women at the races, expect to see glamorous dresses and fabulous fascinators. For men, it’s all about the perfectly tailored suit. With many race events having prizes for their best-dressed guests, it’s essential you have the best suit for the races.

Leonard Silver has long been dressing men for the races, with Beverly Racecourse just on our doorstep. We regularly supply suits for races, with one of our most popular options being the classic tweed suits. With years of experience dressing men in suits for Cheltenham races, we know all of the unwritten rules of what you can and cannot wear to the races, amongst many others. Read on for our ultimate guide on what to wear at the races.

The dress code for the races

The dress code for Cheltenham races, and all other race days, will vary depending on the season. Some races events, such as Royal Ascot, will have stricter rules for their race day dress code, requiring you to wear a morning suit and top hat, and others may be more relaxed; this could even vary by the area you are in! 

When it comes to what to wear for the races for ladies, this tends to be just as classy and high-end. With conservative dresses that are finished off beautifully with contrasting accessories.



Before you visit a racecourse, we advise you to check their specific dress code guidelines! However, as standard, it’s best to dress to impress for a day at the races in your finest suit. 

What to wear for the races in Spring

One of the best racing events of the year takes place in March, Cheltenham Festival, meaning that we have the best of British weather to contend with. Spring race day events can be tricky to prepare for due to the weather’s unpredictability for the season, but we think there’s one suit that can see you through any season; the classic tweed suit.

When deciding on what to wear for the races in Spring, we always opt for a tweed suit as it's the perfect smart suit for all year round. Made from breathable wool fabric, a tweed suit can keep you cool on those surprisingly warm spring days and will keep you warmer than a linen suit, should the weather take a turn for the worst. 

Finish your tweed off with a stylish pocket square, English brogues and a boldly coloured tie for a statement and elegant look perfect for any race day event.

Don't forget, females have to decide on what to wear for ladies day at the races. In April, this celebration comes around which gives the women a chance to get as beautifully dressed up as they desire as part of a competition in which the 'best dressed' wins a prize.


Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, our range of tweed suits will have something for everyone. 

What to wear to a Summer race day event


Even in Britain, we can be a little more hopeful for sunny weather throughout the Summer months, making a Summer race day event the perfect time to bring out the pastel coloured and linen suits! There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably warm at a long daytime event, so ensuring you have the right suit for a Summer race day is essential.

When gambling on what to wear for a day at the races in Summer, we recommend a linen get up. Whilst a tweed suit would work for a Summer race day event, why not embrace the Summer feeling and opt for a lighter material, such as a linen suit. Linen suits can often be overlooked when finding the best outfit for what to wear for the races. But this breathable material is what makes them even better for a race day event. We always recommend going for a different or bolder style than you’re used to and embrace the spirit of the day.

Linen suits by design are naturally light and perfect for keeping you cool. Most commonly, you will find them in more pale and neutral colours, making them an even cooler option for the Summer heat. Pair up a patterned linen suit jacket with a solid coloured pair of trousers and some Italian brogues for the perfect race day style for Summer. 

If you’re not a fan of the line suit, why not opt for a lighter coloured suit, such as our lilac check suit. Pale coloured suits will help you stay cool and are the perfect style for Summer events.

Check out our Mens Suits For Races collection.

Still not sure what suit to wear for the races?

Our team are always on hand to help, and with decades of experience in dressing men for the races, we are always up to date with the latest race day styles; giving you the best advice for when deciding on what to wear for the races. We can work with you to create the perfect race day suit for you. Simply send us a message to get booked in!


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