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Measure Yourself Suit Guide

Basic Measuring Guide

Its difficult sometimes when purchasing tailoring online to get the correct fit, if you need any advice on the fit of our garments or you're not sure send us an email or phone us and we will advise you. Its best to have the below basic measurements to hand when contacting us so we can advise you better.

Its a good idea when measuring yourself to get someone to help you. You will need a cloth tape measure.

When measuring yourself wear a close fitting garment such as a shirt or t-shirt.

Chest Measurement

Place the tape measure under your arms and around the widest part of your back and across your chest, make sure to give 2 or 3 fingers under the tape measure. 

chest measuring for a suit

Jacket Waist Measurement

The jacket waist measurement is crucial because it gives that fitted look. Make sure you meaure the narrow section above your hips and below your chest. Give 2-3 fingers under the tape meausre for  adjustment.

We can tweak this measurement in house to give you a better fitting jacket if required.

jacket waist measurement

Crown to Cuff

This measurement is crucial if you want to show shirt cuff below your jacket sleeve, we can alter this measurement for you if required and shorten the sleeves. If the ready to wear jacket dosen't have a working cuff sometimes you will lose button detail when shortening. We will always endevour to put all detail back as it was but sometimes this isn't possible. We will advise you before any alteration.

crown to cuff measurement

Centre Back

Normally we would measure from the middle of your back to the inside of your arm. For ease please measure the entire span across your back. Take note where the tape meausre is in the photo.

centre back measurement

 Back length

This measurement varies with different brands if you have a jacket and you like the length please use this measurement but make sure to place the tape measure below the collar stand and down to the hem.

back length measurement


Trouser Waist

This measurement is where your trouser waistband sits on the waist you should pull your trousers up to wear you normally wear them. Remember trouser waistband fits higher than where jeans are worn.

trouser waist measurement

 Trouser Inside Leg and Outside Leg

Make sure when measuring your leg you pull your trousers up to wear you would normally wear them and decide how you would like them to sit on your shoes. Place the tape measure on the top of the inside of the leg and measure down to the hem.

inside leg

Trouser Waist Measurement

Place the tape measure around your hips and place 2 fingers under the tape to give some movement. The waist measurement on most trousers are designed to be altered so don't worry if new trousers are too loose or too tight,

how to measure your trouser waist

Trouser Seat Measurement

The seat measurement is the most crucial trouser measurement because this cannot altered without completly deconstructing the trouser. If you are a sportsman the seat measurement is usually more pronounced which usually means you need to go up a trouser size and have the waist reduced.

trouser seat measurement