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John Victor

James White Tuxedo Suit


  • Fine Wool
  • Patterned Jacquard Cloth
  • 1 Button Jacket
  • Double Vent
  • Wide Peak Lapel
  • Free UK delivery

Stunning white tuxedo suit featuring a white jacket with contrasting black lapels, as well as a similarly designed waistcoat and black trousers. Comes in a slim fit that's ideal for weddings and special events. The wide peak lapels and single-breasted waistcoat add detail to this already show-ready suit. 

The white tuxedo suit is constructed from a luxurious and unique fine wool jacquard cloth. The trousers are designed to take in or let out as desired the hem is left unfinished and is designed to be taken up by a tailor or alteration hand.

We can finish the trousers for you but we require your inside leg measurement. To ensure you gain the best fit for you in this white tuxedo suit, use our Complete Guide On How To Measure For A Suit.

Contact us for more details on this suit. Make this showstopping white tuxedo suit even more worthy for every event with our collection of Cuff Links